Friday, January 28, 2011

The Immortals of Meluha ..

The author describes a mythological event in very different way .
The book is about how a common man Shiva become the legend, the god 'Mahadeva'. How he destroyed the evils,Civilization of Indus, Importance of river Saraswati, The war between Suryavamshi and Chandravamshi .
It has characters like Sati,Nandi,Bhadra,Brahspati
The novel has lots of suspense, mixed with war and love.
The things evil and god are depends upon, how a person thinks. The book explains this concept nicely.
Author ends the book in suspense making readers to wait for next volume of book ..
When i finished reading this book, i cursed him for making me to wait for next release [The secrets of the Nagas]
Do read the book when you get time. I bet you will find it hard to stop in between once you start reading.

PS: These are only my views. Views may differ from person to person

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