Monday, December 29, 2008

Where there is will there is a Way....!!!

The common word from just outputted unemployed student is "Do u have any references for job."
Reference is required to get an opportunity for interview. But its wrong that, if you any reference you will definitely get placed in that company. Placement is purely depends on your abilities.
To archive something great one should be dedicated towards the work and should work hard. It is very true for those who don’t have any god fathers. If u have any god father then also without hard work and dedication nothing can be achieved. We have lots of examples. Some cricketers have failed to mark significantly even though there father achieved a lot in his cricket career. Also we have examples of those great cricketers who achieved a lot without any godfathers. We can get these types of examples not only in cricket but also in many fields like Business, Entertainment, etc.
I am not telling if you have godfather you won't achieve. We have the great persons who pursue the campaign of achievements after there fathers and forefathers. Ratan Tata is best example.
Through this post i just want to say-"Nothing is impossible, if you have will to achieve then you can!!"
So guys don't waste your precious time. Plan your work and act accordingly.
"May this new year bring you lots of Happiness and Success"

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thanks to team England

26th November, when the team led by Mahendrasingh Dhoni was celebrating the 5th conjugative win against England, at the same time once again the financial capital of India (Mumbai) was in the fist of Terrorist. After this attack, due to security reasons the Team England canceled there India tour and fly back to England.

After some days England players agreed to continue the India tour. Some media telecasted this news with caption “BCCI’s hold on world cricket”. What ever it may be it was good news for all cricket lovers. Team India won the series by 1-0.I would like to thank Team England for there sportive decision taken to tour the India and Congratulations to Team India.