Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trip to Hogenakkal Falls [Mini Niagara]….

After completing a nice trip of Coorg with best buddies, it was the time to spend a rocking week end with colleagues (would like to say friends).We planed to visit Skandhagiri (Kalavarahalli betta).This place is well known for its height, we can touch clouds from the top of this hill. This place is around 90 km from silicon city. So we planed to leave Bengaluru by night and reach the trekking point by early morning. Pavan told that we can reach top of hill in 2hrs.We thought it would be grate that we witness the Sunrise.
My friend Pavan took initiative and asked one of his friends about the place. But we got disappointing news from his friend that trekking was not allowed in the Skandhagiri. Forest department was not allowing trekking now days. None of us wants to drop the trip so we planned another naturally beautiful place where we can see the different form of nature. Calmly flowing river and another one is with highly aggressive at the point of falls. Yes the place is known as Hogenikal Falls.

This falls is situated around 150Km from Bengaluru. Malatesh arranged a Quails. We started our journey when the rain was trying to cool the silicon city. We finished our breakfast at a hotel opposite to Electronic City. Some of my friends told that we won’t get any food at Hogenikal. But Praveen had been once to Hogenikal and told that food is available there. To be safer side we took some food from hotel. We left the Karnataka border after taking TP (I don’t know what TP is? I think it may be travel permission). We paid 750/- for the TP and head towards Hosur.

RTO Office where we got TP....

On the way to Hogenikal...

We reached our destiny at 12 noon. This place is in Tamilnadu. We can reach the falls through Markuta which is in Karnataka.

Way from Markuta...

This is the place where Kaveri river enters Tamilnadu...
Board at the Entrance...

To reach falls, we should travel through small boats (Teppa). As it was Sunday, the boatman offered us 150/- per head for one full round of the river and asked extra 150 for waiting at the falls. We bargained with the person and fixed 200/- head so that he could wait around 2hrs. He told on weekdays the rate will be less. We didn’t face any language problem as my friend Madan knows Tamil. And one more thing is almost all boatmen know Kannada there.
We have to take a ticket to go in boat from government office situated at this place. Ticket cost is per head 50/- (10+40, 10rs for government and 40 for boatman). The 200 per head what we pay is not fixed by government.
Our start point...

Ready for Service....

We were 9 in number (including our cab driver). It was my first experience in the small manual boat (before this I traveled in a machine boat with my grandpa at Arabian Sea in Bombay when I was 8yrs old). So was little bit scared. It was a nice experience to sail in fully Calm River.

There are two falls. One is situated at Tamilnadu and another one is at Karnataka. These two falls are addressed as Tamilnadu falls and Karnataka falls respectively by local people. We first reach the falls which is in Tamilnadu. It was beautiful. We really enjoyed here. All of us were posing in different angles for the snaps.
This is the good time (October-December) to visit there, as water level is less in the river. If the river is full we can’t go by boat.

View of Tamilnadu Falls...

View point...

From this point we again started towards main falls in boat.

The point we started journey towards Karnataka falls...

We sailed in between two hills, one side Karnataka and other side Tamilnadu. It was amazing.

The picture covering two states...

After traveling some time we reached one small falls. We played in water some time.

Small falls on the way....

Mobile Service in River...

From here we started walking towards the “Mini Niagara”. Yes that is the Hogenikal Falls situated in Karnataka. It is awesome, really beautiful. The water falls from three sides. We four people (Me, Harsha, Pavan and Praveen) were spent lot of time at the edge of the falls. Other four (Malatesh, Madan, Naveen and Pritishankar) were resting near the falls and enjoying in there own way……
We found one place to swim there. But it was not a good place to swim as there were lots of rocks submerged in the water. Pavan and Harsha got hurt. I would like to thank Pavan and Harsha for taking my individual snaps… :)

Mini Niagara....

Closer View.....

Our boatman asked us about our lunch plan. Then we realized we forgot our parcel in cab only… Then he told that, meals are available there. We ordered 9 plate Rice Samber and 6 fish fry (as I, Pavan and Harsha are veggies). Rice Samber cost 25/- and Fish Fry for 10/-
After having our lunch we left the place. It was really great experience. Every one of us enjoyed a lot…After making payment to boatman we left the place by 5pm and reached Bangalore by 9 O clock….

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Most of us like to eat different types of tasty food. Some times we over load over machine (Stomach, as the energy to our body is generated from here) when we found tasty food. But our stomach will not be able to digest all the food fully. Due to this we may get different problems, like gastric problem etc…

Fasting a day in a week could be one of the remedies for such problem. At the time of fasting our body uses stored fats as the source of energy. By this our circulatory system will be improved.

Taking this into consideration our ancient people started fasting on different occasions like “Ekadashi”, “Shivaratri” etc. Another reason behind the fasting on such occasions is, we can concentrate our mind more with empty stomach. This is the same reason behind doing Yoga with empty stomach.

Fating doesn’t mean leaving food and eating more fruits and snacks, but it should be in limit.

What ever it may be it is good to fast at least one time in weak. Right..??

Monday, November 10, 2008

Nice farewell for seniors....

What an excellent fare well it was for Ganguly and Kumble!!!!

India trashed Aussies like any thing. India beat mighty Aussies by 320 runs in second test and wrap up the fourth and final test match of the Border-Gavaskar series by 172 runs. It was also India's first Test series win over Australia in seven years as they clinched the Border-Gavaskar Trophy.

All the best to Team India for the upcoming Series against England...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good Bye to Sourav and Anil

Sourav (Meaning is Fragrance). Yes he is the one of the best fragrance in the garden of the World Cricket. He is on of the best captain that Indian cricket found in past time.

He faced many ups and downs and controversies in his career.

He started his ODI career against West Indies in 1992 and test career against England in 1996(Dravid also started his test career from same match). In his debut test match he scored 131. Now he is playing his 113 test match (The last match of his international career) and he is about to score another ton.

All the best DADA….

Anil, Yes the man called as Jumbo and also known as Gentleman of the Cricket. He reached top of the world cricket with his elegant skills and hard work. No bowler in history won India more Test matches than Anil Kumble. He is the most test wicket (619 from 132 test matches) taker in the Indian cricket history. Jumbo started his test career against England in 1990. He led the Team India at the end of his career time. He handled the racism issue when Indian team was in tour to Australia under his captaincy. He announced retirement from international cricket suddenly due to injuries which shocked his fans….

Wish him all the BEST for his future…… :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trip to Madikeri /Coorg [ Heaven on earth].

Wat a great week end we had….!!!!
It was pre-planed almost 1 month back that we will enjoy the Beauty of nature in Coorg unlimitedly for 2 days.
We left the silicon city by 11:30 pm on 31st October and reached “Kashmir of South ” on 1 November by 5:30AM. From Madikeri we left to pre-booked cottage “Crystal-Cottage” which is situated at around 3km from Murnadu (this place is 18km from Madikeri). We reached cottage by 6:15 in the morning. As the environment was full of fog Sun rays were trying to give the golden touch to the leaves covered with the mist. I felt this place like a Heaven and tried to capture some of these wonderful moments in my little camera.
Some of my friends were enjoying the natures beauty and some are getting ready for the next journey.
After having Madikeri's special Breakfast “Akki Rotti (Rice Roti), Kadabu, Honey, Coconut Chatni” in the cottage, we left to visit our pre planned places.
Nature at its Best....

View of Sun rise from the Cottage

We planed the following places to visit on first Day-
Bhagamandala, Talakaveri, Abbi Falls, Raja seat and Omkareshwara temple.

According to guidance of Prasanna (He is the cottage owner) we left to Bhagamandala from our cottage in a short cut rout at around 10am.
We reached Bhagamandala at around 11:15 ,which is situated 40km away from Madikeri. Famous Bhagandeshwara temple is situated here. Subramanya and Vishnu temples are situated beside the Bhagandeshwara temple. In this place three rivers Kannika, Kaveri (which is considered as one of the seven holy rivers "Sapta Sindhu"), and mythical river Sujyoti meets and this place is popularly known as "Triveni Sangama". Most pilgrims visit this place at the time of "Tula Sankraman" (October - November).
Hindus completes the Shradha rites for departed soul by taking a holy dip in this Triveni Sangama.
We left to Talakaveri from here.
Inner view of Bhagandeshwara Temple

Talakaveri is around 8km from Bhagamandala.We reached here by 12:45 pm.
Talakaveri is the birth place of "Jiva Nadi" Kaveri, which is in the form of spring. This place is surrounded by series of Bhramhagiri Hill. The hill top is Nature lover’s favorite place. We can see the fence which bifurcate Karnataka and Kerala.We can see wind mills situated in Kerala from this place.
It is believed that the "Muni Agasthya" had installed a "Shiva Linga" which was made up of sand and worshiped it.

Bhramhagiri Hills.

From here we left to Madikeri .We reached Madikeri at around 3:30pm. As the lunch time was over we came back with out getting food from many hotels.Finally we got one hotel and finished our lunch, and left towards Abbi Falls.

Abbi Falls:
Abbi falls is situated 8km from Madikeri city.In Kodava language Abbi means "Falls (Jalapata)".This falls is situated in a estate.The water falls from 21.3m height.

Abbi Falls.

Raja Seat:
This place is situated at the madikeri city. This place is popular for sun set point.Garden is well maintained and musical fountain is just awesome.
From raja seat we left for our cottage at 7'o' clock.

View from Sun Set point in Raja Seat.

From these places we finished our first days traveling part. But one of the most memorable and enjoyed moment of our trip was waiting for us. i.e. Enjoying the fire camp with recalling old memories....

We reached cottage at 8pm and the camp fire was got ready by 8:30pm.We really enjoyed this time as all the old friend get together from long time.

Camp Fire at Cottage.... :)

We spent the time with cutting jokes, teasing each others, but Kishor's new saying "Benki na kalinda odibardu, avasardaag decission togo bardu (Don't kick the fire and don't take any decissions in Hurry)" will be remembered by every one for long time . We shared lot of our personal things,crushes etc.....
After this we finished Dinner. It was very good especially "Kesuvena Soppu, Akki rotti".

Next day morning we left for trekking with the guidance of Manju and Chinnappa (Local guys) to "Muttar Mudi Hills". It was a fantastic time we ever spent in the time of our trip.
We visited two temples "Chamundeshwari and Bhadrakaleshwari temples" on the top of the hills. All of my friends (except some one) were busy with smiling for the snaps and enjoying the greenery of the nature.
While coming down we had enjoyed swimming in the lake. We thought its a risky task but my friend Krishna took initiative step and later he is joined by Vishwa.Later all of us jumped into and had unlimited fun.

View from "Muttar Mudi Hills"

After finishing our breakfast we left the Cottage at 11am with heavy heart and full of sweet memories

We reached Kushalnagar at 1:30pm. Kushalnagar is around 30km from Madikeri towards Bengaluru.
From Kushalnagar we traveled around 8km to reach "Golden Temple". This is the largest Tibetan refugee camp.
The Golden Temple adorned with a 60 ft Buddha statue.Fascinating monasteries teaches the different facets of Buddhism here.The monks called "Lamas" pursed there monastic education in these monasteries.
A shopping mall serves the ethnic things of Tibet to the tourists.

Golden Temple

Of Buddha.

From Kushalnagar we left to Balamuri falls this was the last place of our trip. In which some of my friends enjoyed swimming.
Apart from the ban of having Alcohol in this place, tourist are still enjoys the drinks .....!!!!

Balamuri Falls

We missed some places like "Omkareshwar temple" in madikeri, KaveriNisargadhama and Harangi dam due to time constraints and some other commitments.

During the trip i enjoyed the most with capturing the nature's Beauty into my camera.It was my second trip to the Coorg.Last time we went in the time of March.
But this time i enjoyed the most with my Best Buddies and Green Nature.Tons of thanks to the Nature....
My special thanks to Prasanna (Cottage owner) and Nanda (Nisarga tourism owner ). Hospitality we received from these people was simply great. Thanks to nature of Coorg.....

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