Friday, January 28, 2011

Himalayan Blunder

 author:Brigadier John P Dalvi

Himalayan Blunder was an extremely controversial war memoir penned by  Brigadier John P Dalvi, who was the commander of the Indian 7th Brigade which was destroyed in the 1962 India China war. Writer was captured by PLA [People's Liberation Army of china] on 22 oct 1962.
We faced defeat against China.
Brigadier Dalvi gives a first-person account of the war.
In book writer shows us the situation of our army, what difficulties they have faced during the war.
How our soldiers resisted the china army in cold weather of Himalaya without having even good pair shoes, with limited no of bullets and grenades. He explains the condition of the Indian army politics involved in it. How our brave soldiers spent days without having proper food...list goes on ..
If we read the book your eyes will be wet..!! 
The book is translated to Kannada by Ravi Belagere with the same title.

Read the book to get the complete view of 1962 war.

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