Thursday, December 30, 2010


Trip details:

Place: Dandeli
KM: around 450km from Bangalore. 54 km from Dharwad
Mode of transport: Train and Bus
No of People: 10

We were planning to visit to Dandeli from last one and half year, due to one or the other reason we were not able to visit. This time we all decided to visit Dandeli.
Because of the distance between Bangalore and Dandeli we decided to go by bus or train. Considering journey comfort we decided to go by Train. We fixed the 23rd December will leave Bangalore and spend two days in Dandeli and back to Bangalore by 26th December.
As we were visiting on year end and Christmas season, we decided to reserve the train tickets before 3 months. But no of peoples who will join was not clear.

After so many emails, discussions, calls finally I got the no of people who all are joining to trip.
I reserved the tickets for both way journey before three months of journey date. Nayak took care of cottage @ Dandeli.
Dandeli is the sanctuary of Hornbill. For more information regarding Hornbill visit site Hornbill.

Deepak sent many emails regarding Hornbill to boost guy’s interest.

            We left to Dharwad from Yeshawantpur @9.20pm by rani channamma train. We reached Dharwad by morning 7.45. We went to Nayak home. After finishing breakfast we left to Dandeli :).

We reached Dandeli by 12 noon and Nayak’s uncle received us at Dandeli bus stand. Till now none of us have clear idea about what are things we are going to do in Dandeli. Everybody was asking about this.

As Nayak told he will take care of cottage, he had many round of discussions with his uncle. His uncle arranged a cottage which is around 9km from Dandeli. He told us that,at 3pm cottage people will take us to rafting.

        The Cottage

After finishing our lunch we left for Rafting , which was near Ganeshgudi. After signing at so many forms, we were allowed to enter the Rafting point.

 Before the start of event we all get the life jacket,helmet and row.

 Everybody was ready to experience the most exciting and memorable time of our trip.

As we were 10 in number, we have to split into two groups of 5 people each and one group has to join the group of 4 people. No one was voluntarily ready to join; we pushed Harish, Raghu, Giri, Chandan and Kallu and force them to join :) :) . Niru, Nayak, Viajay, Deepak and Me formed the second group. First group was happy after joining the 4 member group; as its family with a beautiful girl :). We [2nd group] joined Ravindra and his son Dhruv. There were total 5 rafts including 2 of ours.

We got Kim as raft instructor; he is the most experienced person in rafting and the leader of the raft instructors.
Kim started to row the raft after giving a COLD welcome to all [by sprinkling cold water :)]. He explained basic points of rafting, sitting position, how to hold the row and instructed us some command; and asked us to follow them strictly. Rafting was kick started after swimming in river with life jacket,  . Everybody was so excited to experience the rafting. 

Only Nayak and Vijay had a past experience of rafting. Vijay did it in the same place Dandeli and Nayak in Hrisikesh.

Just sailing a small distance in calm river we encountered the first turbulence. 

Wooow it was awesome experience …!!!

Dhruv was shivering…

We faced some more turbulences before reaching the final one the Biiiiiiig one.

As soon as we entered the last drift our boat becomes unstable. At that time Nayak and Deepak were at front side and Dhruv was sitting in between them. He lost control and fell on Deepak who was left side of the boat and both fell down into the river. Kim was shouting to move right side of the boat but none were able to follow that instruction. In fraction of seconds Vijay who was left to me also fell down… Nayak tried to hold the Deepak’s leg and succeeded in some extent.. Deepak lifted the Dhruv; Ravindra and nayak pulled both of them into the boat. Vijay came to my right side from the bottom of the boat !!!. Kim and I pulled him into the boat.. 
Ooooh !!!! for some seconds everybody was stunned and Kim was so relaxed after finding everybody safe... 

   After rafting : with Kim,Dhruv and Ravindra
We did 5 rounds surfing before leaving to the end point. Everyone was very happy with the experience. Then we left to cottage after taking something for night ;) ...

Next day morning we checked out from the cottage after finishing the breakfast and hired a Jeep to visit Syntheri falls [30 km from dandeli], Ulavi temple [16 km from falls] and Kulagi nature camp [on the way to Dandeli from Ulavi] .
We reached the Syntheri falls at around 12 noon and spent a good time there. After finishing the photo session :), we left to Ulavi temple. 

     @ Syntheri Falls
We reached the temple by 2pm. We took prasada at temple.
    Ulavi temple
We reached the Kulagi nature camp at around 4pm. The camp is really good and comparatively cheaper than other resorts. Vijay enquired about the procedure for advance reservation of rooms. At that time we were buying the T-Shirt in the same office.
We went some distance into the forest with hope of finding deer. Unfortunately did not find any in that forest… while coming back Kallu told us he saw deer !!!! [Actually it was not deer..]. We came across a red squirrel at the tip of a tree while coming back.
We were about to board the Jeep, driver told us that there is a Deer park if you want you can visit….!!!!!
We reached the Dandeli by 7pm. We left to Dharwad by 8pm bus and reached there by 9.30pm. We halted in Nayak home.
    @ Nayak Home
From Left: Harish,Kallu,Raghu,Me,Viajy,Deepak,Niru,Chnadan,and Nayak

We left Dharwad by 11.50am Chalukya train and reached Bangalore by 10.30 pm.

For more photos, click Dandeli



  1. Hi Manju,Blog is good le. The explanation of surfacing while rafting is too good.
    It seems you have explained my adventures more than rafting. The photos are nice.
    I wish I can make another visit to Dandeli and looking for rafting whole day.If you want to take revenge on anybody, you can suggest him Stanley's farm house. How can we forget the experience of tent in such a cold & our unforgettable tour in Jeep sitting in last seat.

  2. Great Stuff..Hope you guys had a nice time

    Next time if your visit need to be well planned do check my blog
    or for a home stay in Dandeli you can refer

  3. Thank u satya. we are planing to visit once again ..

  4. Super guru, This can be travel guide..

  5. Nice explanation Manju. Wanna visit again with the same group. Had a memorable time in Dandeli. Whitewater rafting at the Dandeli is the real fun ... real rapids ... real adventure ..

    I was eager to swim there, As soon as Stanley told me that I can swim, I jumped in to river for swimming, before jumping i didn't look around, mean time one more boat was coming and it landed on top of me. Though it was probably only a few seconds, getting out from under the heavy raft was a scary event as i drunk water once, and I struggled for air. It would be an experience hard to forget, I had a real adventure in Rafting. Later i enjoyed the most in swimming. (@Deppu : That Girl was beautiful man. She only pulled me from Water. Watch out my orkut profile for her photos)

    Syntheri Falls is also very good place to visit. Even-though it was my 2nd visit, I liked the Kulgi Nature Camp the most. 2nd days was good but that STANLEY's Farm was not at all good.
    Thank you manju.

  6. thank u girish .. this ur first trip with us ..
    u came with us even though u had visited the places earlier... u only suggested us the kulagi nature camp .. we spent some quality time there with nature and deer ;) ..

    lets plan some more trips in future :)

  7. @Manjunath,

    Nice travelogue. We are planning to visit this place soon. This information is very helpful.