Monday, August 29, 2011

Nandi Betta [Hills]

        It was a sudden plan to visit the Nandi Betta. Niru called me and asked whether i can join them, and for that, my sudden reply was YES !!!!. He told me that we need to leave by 4am.I told sure, no problem.
We were ready by 4am and left at 4.15
                                                 On the way Tea Break:
 We covered approximately 60 km journey in 50 to 60 mins and reached the first gate of Nandi betta at around 5.30 AM.
                                              Waiting for Gate to Open:
         There is a check post to enter the Nandi hills and at that day it opened at 6AM. After after waiting for half an hour and registering the vehicle no, wheels were running towards the peak of hill.
The way to the peak of hill is awesome. Road was full of mist and its hardly visible the next 10 mts path. There are around 40+ curves we passed through and reached the top....
                                            @ Parking area:

       We parked bikes and waited for ticket counter to open [we need to take the tickets to enter the Hill]. At 6.30am counter was opened.


    We spent almost three hours and left Betta by 9.30am.

Date of Trip: 27th August 2011
KM: 60 km Approximately [One way]
No Of People: 6

More photos are at Picasa [Click here]

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  1. Super! You guys are having a hell of a time :) enjoy