Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shivana samudra [Bluff], Talakadu

Places: Shivansamudra, Talakadu
Distance from Bangalore to shivansamudra : around 250Km
Route: Maddur-Malavalli-Shivansamudr
Distance from shivansamudra to Talakadu: 30Km [Road was in worst condition]

This was the second trip with my colleagues. We started towards bluff at 7.30am from RR nagar after last pickup [Mine was first pick at 5.30am].

We reached Gaganachukki @ around 10 am. As we visited in the month of September [2009] we witnessed the beauty of 'Gaganchukki and Barachukki'.  We spent some time there. Harsha,pallavi and sowmya were busy in Photo session and others were having fun in water.

One thing visitors should be careful with the monkeys.In our group sowmya was the victim as a monkey took her camera bag [with camera and mobile] and was having fun by dropping them from top of tree :).
Yuvaraj catches the things safely [not yuvaraj singh, Yuvaraj from our group].
After this exercise we went to 'Barachukki'. It is just a view point. We had lunch and moved towards Talakadu.

Shivanasamudra is the Asia's second hydro-electric power station.

The road to talakadu was really bad and we took almost two hour to reach Talakadu which is around 30km.
Talakadu has historical background. For more info  Talakad


We left talakad at 6.30 and reached  bangalore by 10pm.

 For photos: Snaps

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  1. NIce :-)

    Went below the falls , saw two rainbows at the same time... and talkadu , 21 ppl , 11 bikes.. Hehe !!