Monday, February 22, 2010

Think about it ...!!!!

Some times back I got an e-mail the summary of the e-mail is as follows-

A disciple of budha approached him and said humbly “ master you are so much concerned about the world and others, why don’t you look into the welfare and needs of your disciples also?”

Budha : Asked him, tel me what you want?

Disciple: my attire has worn out and its beyond the decency to wear the same. Can I get the new one?

Budha: Asked the store keeper to give a new attire for his disciple.

Disciple was very happy and went to his room with new attire…

After some time budha went to disciples place and asked him , “are you comfortable with new attire? Do you want something?

Disciple thanked him and said he is comfortable with new clothes and need nothing more….

Then Budha asked him-

Budha: having the new attire, what you did with the old one ?

Disciple: “ I am using it as a bed spread”

Budha: “Then I think you have disposed your old old bedspread"

Disciple: “ No master I am using it as my window curtain”

Budha: “ What about old curtain”

Disciple: “ It is being used to handle hot utensiles in kitchen”

Budha: “ what about old cloths which were being used in kitchen?”

Disciple: “ now I am using those clothes to wash the floor”

Budha: “then what about old clothes being used to wash the floor….?”

Disciple: “ those clothes were in such a condition that I did not find any ways to use those… but using as twig in the oil lamp, which is currently lit in your study room …”

Budha smiled and left the room …..

If not to this degree of utilization , we can find many ways to use the old things . But many of us does not seems to bother about the old things once we get new ones. Thinking on this matter can help us to save things for our future

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