Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wynadu trip..

At the time of our Madikeri trip, we planed our next trip to Dhandeli on 24th and 25th Jan 2009. But due to some reason we shifted our plan from Dhandeli to Wynadu.
This place is in Kerala. We all heard that Kerala is the Gods own country. We felt it when we entered the Kerala through Bandipura forest. We reached the state border check post around 6am. It was full misty environment. We paid 1800/- interstate road tax and persuade our journey towards Sulthan Bathery.

Sun covered with mist.....

We had already booked a home stay at Menamutti. We finished our breakfast at Sulthan Bathery. Home stay owner Mathew said he will pick us from Sulthan Bathery.

We reached home stay around 9.30am. After drinking a full glass of Tea (which was not good. It was not strong; as we used to drink small quantity but very strong tea here obviously none of us liked that tea) we left for Minamutti falls under the guidance of Mathew (home stay owner). The time was around 11am

We paid 30/- per head near Minamutti and head towards the falls. Mathew guided us towards topmost point of falls through a short cut route.
The path we were moving was surrounded by greenery and every one of us was enjoyed a lot. We found two small water falls.

View on the way....

Small water fall on the way to minamutti falls...

After walking around an hour we reached the topmost point of Minamutti falls. It was just awesome. I slipped and fell down here :(.

First point of falls.

From here we moved to the second point of the falls. We reached the lower point of this falls by the help of rope. We swim there and enjoyed lot. We spend almost an hour in this place.
Before moving towards the third point, we ate banana and biscuits we bought.

Second point of Falls....

From here we started towards the third point of the falls, where we can’t touch the water, only thing we can watch the water fall from the view point. The path towards this point is really difficult. We have to walk most of the part with the help of rope. It was really challenging. All of us were able to reach the view point safely.

Third point of falls

While coming, near the third view point we found one green snake.

We faced much difficulty while coming back to cottage as we have to climb up. We reached one stall in which we drank buttermilk, and then we felt some what relief. It was our first trekking experience. We reached cottage by 5pm.

After taking a little rest we spent by chatting with cottage owner and family. We learnt some Malayalam words with the help Shobin (Son of cottage owner) and teach him some Kannada words.
We finished our dinner (it was not so good) and started climbing towards tents in the tea plantation area. We spent some time with chatting. I laughed like any thing when Kalleshi got scared by a noise.

Tent where we spent a night...

Next day morning we (kallu, niru, deepu and me) woke up at 6.30 am and reached the top of the tea estate. The Sunrise was so beautiful. I can’t explain that moment with words. See the following pictures.


After having breakfast we left the cottage at 9am. Mathew was with us to guide.
We went to Edakallu Gudda. Two caves are there . It’s 15 KM from Sulthan Bathery. From parking place to caves we walked around 1.5 km. Transport facility is there to one who does not want to walk. For 6 persons they will charge 70/- .The entry fees for caves is Rs 10/- per person and for camera its Rs 25/-.


There are two caves in this place. First cave is at the entrance. It is not so big. I thought caves means deep darkness. I was wrong. Sufficient light helps you to view each rock of the cave. In second cave the different drawings were engraved. From these caves we started climbing the hill. It was little bit difficult to reach the top of the hill, but Vijay and Guru reached the top. We stopped climbing one step before reaching the top. It was great experience to see from the top of the hill.
It will be good if you visit this place in the mornig time. 
Cave ...
Climbing the hill....
Topmost point of hill.....

From Edakallu Gudda we left to Karapuzha River, we swim there and some of us (nayak, harish and me) get hurt by the rocks in the river while swimming.
We finished our lunch and moved towards our next place Soochipara falls. It was an hour journey from Karapuzha River. We reached the destination around 4.30pm and started walking towards the falls. It was a beautiful, natural spot to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Soochipara falls...

While coming back from this falls sun was punching out and was eager to take rest. The sunset was simply superb.


We left this place around 6.30pm and we were at our home at 1am.
We planned our next trip on May 1st to Dhandeli. Don’t know whether we could make this one or will change the spot again …. :)

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