Thursday, November 13, 2008


Most of us like to eat different types of tasty food. Some times we over load over machine (Stomach, as the energy to our body is generated from here) when we found tasty food. But our stomach will not be able to digest all the food fully. Due to this we may get different problems, like gastric problem etc…

Fasting a day in a week could be one of the remedies for such problem. At the time of fasting our body uses stored fats as the source of energy. By this our circulatory system will be improved.

Taking this into consideration our ancient people started fasting on different occasions like “Ekadashi”, “Shivaratri” etc. Another reason behind the fasting on such occasions is, we can concentrate our mind more with empty stomach. This is the same reason behind doing Yoga with empty stomach.

Fating doesn’t mean leaving food and eating more fruits and snacks, but it should be in limit.

What ever it may be it is good to fast at least one time in weak. Right..??

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